It’s easy to forget that behind every news headline, whether politics, business, finance or major world events, are people. People bear the brunt of these events, which is easily lost through some traditional reporting channels. When it comes to capturing the human side of these stories video is the next best thing to meeting those affected face-to-face.

In business you could investigate the impact of a failed product and recall on customers, gauging the public mood when a major business closes or feeling out the impact of a new product roll-out. The real emotional impact and why it is felt can, through video, be more clearly defined. This leads to better insight, in a more compelling medium

One of our partners YouthSight, a UK based youth insight and research agency, used our video surveys to delve a bit deeper into the personal impact of Brexit on International students in the UK, from their panel of 140,000 16 – 30 year olds. The focus in TV and print news had been on the reasons (or lack thereof, depending on your view) for the Leave decision and how it might affect the UK. Based purely on the coverage it was easy to forget that it’s not just UK citizens with a voice - or that are affected by the decision.

It’s hard to deny how this piece captured the impact on those that didn’t necessarily make the news, and are likely to be on the front line of coming changes in UK-EU relations. Please click below to have a quick watch – they really do speak for themselves.