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We can help you get the best results by crafting the structure of your project based on our experience. Get us involved early and we will work with you to understand what video you need, where you need it from and your higher order objectives. From there we will suggest the best way forward in terms of the structure, recruitment and the design of questions & task prompts.


Finding your respondents

Verbate works with a range of recruitment methods.
We can help recommend what will work best for you.

Your communities

We can work with client supplied customer lists, or recruit directly from owned social media. These sources are great for cost-effective recruitment with engaged participants.

Global network & partners

We have a huge network of specialists covering most countries worldwide so you can reach anyone, anytime, anywhere. And we can of course work with partners you already use :) As the gold standard for qualitative research we make sure that quality recruitment translates into awesome, timely results, from anywhere in the world.


Collect short interviews/voxpops with your customers in-store, during a commute or just on the street. With a personable promo staffer or one of the team behind the camera you can get great engaged responses for difficult to reach demographics very cost-effectively.

Online communities

We are using more and more online communities for extremely cost effective & fast turnaround projects. Talk to us to learn more.

Cultural guides Cultural guides Cultural guides


We’ve run over 100 projects in 30+ countries

24 hr support with dedicated project managers
Design and translation of the project
Introduction documents and discussion guides
Engagement of participants
Comms to ensure video completion and upload
Tech support for participants
Translation & subtitling of non-English video content

Delivery + Analysis

Let us help you surprise and delight with professional highlight reels of the key insights and themes from your video content. Nothings makes an impact like giving customers a voice in the board or meeting room and video lets you do this like nothing else. Whether you are supporting quantitative findings or presenting in depth video diary results we can help you make sure the message gets across.

Haneefa Bucklye | GALKAL

Senior Project Manager

Verbate has made it so much easier for us to get people to give us in the moment information and actually have footage we can use. It’s really made an impact on the outputs we produce for our clients.

Matt Michaud | Brand Genetics

Director - Insight and Innovation

We've worked with Verbate on over a dozen projects to get closer to consumers - remotely
Overall, a pretty seamless process. Respondents found it easy to use, which drove a higher and faster response rate and both our team and clients had easy access to follow posts as they were being uploaded.

David Thomas | TNS


So far has been a very pleasant experience - product is straight forward and easy to use, the Verbate team are professional and very helpful.

Charlotte Ferrand | Magnum & Co

Senior PR and Communications Consultant

Verbate directly contributed to the development of our strategy and helped us to win the work. I'd definitely recommend Verbate as a tool for insight-driven marketing strategies.

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